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Smart brand positioning capitalizes on what you do best, your promise to consumers, and your uniqueness. It takes into account your strengths and weaknesses—and those of your competitors too. It is engaging, distinct, and sets your brand apart; not only in the category, but in the minds of your consumers.

We help brands large and small to identify gaps in the market and unmet (or undermet) needs. Then we find ways to meet these needs with insightful, strategic brand positioning development: positioning that lays the groundwork for long term growth—and an engaged, passionate following.

Ranging from Packaging design to sponsored media. We can visualize your identity to match your business goals.

In a fast-paced and competitive world where the consumer has innumerable options available to them, a company needs a strategy to establish a solid presence in the marketplace. There are strong reasons to believe that the right corporate identity helps achieve this business objective. We can help companies find their intrinsic qualities and translate these to visual communication, narratives and concepts.



Paul Thomas

Design, Strategy, Art direction, Concepts Designer & Consultant based in Oosterbeek, who for over 10 years has created concepts, designs for magazines (print & digital), interface designs and more. For clients in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Saskia Broman

Marketing communication, Concepts, Copywriting Consultant and copywriter based in Ede. Who for over 20 years has developed strategies, created concepts and written copy that proved to be effective. Both B2B/G2B and B2C/G2C. www.comcredo.nl

Jeroen de Boorder

Graphic design, Art direction, Visual art Rotterdam-based designer, who has contributed to a wide variety of eye-catching identities, campaigns and art projects in the Netherlands and abroad. www.jeroendeboorder.nl

Paul Kollee

Multimedia design, Art direction Amsterdam, specializing in designs for magazines and film. Has recently succesfully ventured into the world of music.


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